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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Sabine Area Restaurant Association is a chapter of the Texas Restaurant Association and a local resource for the hospitality and foodservice industry. The mission of S.A.R.A. is to support scholarships for Lamar University’s Hospitality Management Program, The Texas Restaurant Association’s Education Foundation, and educational and professional development for the Texas Chefs Association. Proceeds from our annual events and activities go back into our community through support of many local charities.

A Brief History of S.A.R.A.

SARA’s roots can be traced back to the 1950’s when restaurant owners came together to raise money to keep the lights on during union strikes in our area. The association became more organized in 1976 when they elected an official board of directors, and put in place a set of by-laws. You can explore the original documents on here...

S.A.R.A. Board Member Officers

Jay Jenkinson
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Matt Peterson
Vice President
Evelyn Gerber
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Charles Dutt
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Upcoming Events


We will be dining with the TRA president at the 8th floor of the John Gray Library. Lamar Culinary Awards and SARA announcements will be on the agenda, as will words from our State President. more info


We have a tentative date of April 11th scheduled for Chef'd Delight. Details on menu and event coming soon. more info


Restaurant News

The latest...

11/24/2017: September, October, November 17 News Letter

September, October & November Newsletter Our SARA Friends, By now many of you may have gotten over the shock of hurricane Harvey. If you have not, you may not be alone. So many of all of us…

Become a Member

Become a member of S.A.R.A. to create a unified voice to help shape our industry locally, and on the state and national levels through our partnerships with the TRA, TCA, and the NRA. Every year law makers, tax officials, and public health officials create new policies, laws, and guidelines that effect restauranteurs and operators. Being involved in S.A.R.A. can keep restaurant owners and operators tapped in to the industry and provide the tools they need to steer the industry in the right direction.

S.A.R.A. organizes the largest and best food event of the year, The Taste of the Triangle. Every year the event evolves and gets better. Become a member of S.A.R.A. and help keep this great tradition alive.

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